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Soulja Boy + Tory Lanez Seen In Expensive Paradise

It has been over 10 years since host and music artist, Jay Newz, went full throttle creating a new clothing collection. 2010 was a different time in Hollywood and

upcoming rappers and singers were seen rocking his first Cali inspired collection, Sky Fly clothing. Since then he's had a few niche drops; showcasing custom merch from his latest music projects, but he wanted something that would cause a buzz the second it hit the scene.

Expensive Paradise was born Winter of 2020 as a high street, custom brand; straight from the mind (and hands) of Jay Newz himself. This line consists of brightly colored tracksuits and jackets, abrasive prints with X-rated graphics, rhinestone decals and comic book style patches to just name a few! Jay Newz wanted a high quality collection that wasn't just highly recognizable, but borderline scandalous.

As you can imagine, with a collection this bold, it would absolutely make its way to iced out, millionaire Soulja Boy and the recently infamous Tory Lanez.

Jay Newz wants to align the collection with those that consider themselves bold rebels that have personalities bigger than life.

Other entertainers seen rocking the eye catching brand include Walter Jones and Rosa Acosta. The new collection is set to drop sometime Black Friday of this year. You can see current available pieces here.

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