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Not Rated Radio Free From Dash Radio

Over the last year and a half Not Rated Radio was hosted by trendy internet radio giant, Dash Radio. Though beginnings were humble, Not Rated Radio grew from interviewing relatively unknown newcomers to mega superstars and influencers such as Soulja Boy and photo ops with Tory Lanez. Obviously this comes as a shock that with an upward trajectory as this one, the budding radio show and podcast would be going its separate way.

Not Rated Radio's founder and host, Jay Newz, didn't expect his radio show to have to branch out solo so soon, but with great growth comes greater opportunities. His growing radio segment became one of the most popular shows on the Dash Radio instagram page, garnering 20-30 times the comments and interactions than most other Dash Radio posts. Within the last 12 months Not Rated Radio has generated tens of thousands of Youtube views, collaborated with Kaotica Eyeball and Liquid Death, hosted exclusive parties and been sponsored by Southbay Speed and more. All of these opportunities gained through the hard work and dedication of the host himself.

Although Not Rated Radio is now separate from Dash Radio, it will continue to have a bright future, expanding into new opportunities and partnerships. You can expect raw and uncut interviews, amazing collaborations and dope opportunities dropping by holiday season this year. Follow Not Rated Radio on it's Youtube Channel and Instagram page. You can also check out host Jay Newz new clothing launch, Expensive Paradise for exclusive merch.

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