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Not Rated Radio

     Not Rated Radio is a radio segment previously featured by Dash Radio and has since become an independent, full-length radio and podcast show. It is hosted by hip hop artist Jay Newz and occasionally co-hosted by his friends. Not Rated Radio interviews hip hop artists, influencers and adult entertainers in a raw, uncut format. It also features new music from upcoming artists within the hip hop and adjacent genres. 

Jay Newz

     Jay Newz is a hip hop artist and radio personality currently residing in Los Angeles. Even though he was born in Virginia, he spent the large majority of his life in Minneapolis, Minnesota. His music sets him apart from other artists because he creates and promotes feel good music without the glorification of violence; something that's a regular experience in Minnesota.


Jay Newz's musical style is more creative hip hop than rap. Starting out freestyling as a hobby and an outlet to express what was going on in his environment, he soon realized he had a natural talent that could turn into a career. Feeling like he could have a creative and positive impact within  the industry, he released "The Fly Ones" mix tape on November 14, 2012.


"The Fly Ones" mix tape was well received in the social media sphere and among loyal listeners of the underground hip hop community. It was featured on popular hip hop music sites such as and Even hip hop hub “Hip Hop Speakeasy” wrote a review for the premiere track “Dream Big'; citing it as “Introspective, soulful and sweet, sweet, sweet...It’s a great track with a nice video to go with it.” Jay Newz even launched a full music festival by the same moniker "The Fly Ones,"that brought in viewers from all over the world. The festival had some of the best underground, unsigned talent Hollywood had to offer; showcasing the performances near the iconic Amoeba of Hollywood.


The follow up to "The Fly Ones" titled "Champagne Wishes & Caviar Dreams," dropped January 17th, 2014. This particular project continued to showcase Jay Newz's talents as a hip hop artist and solidified his  breakthrough into the hip hop community. Even the music video "Dream It" off the project, featuring Orlando Brown of "That's So Raven," received critical acclaim among his peers and hip hop blog sites.


Since then Jay Newz has released several EPs  such as "The Goods," "Rebellious Thoughts Set The World On Fire" and "There Will Never Be A Time Like This" and a string of singles ("King Newz", "No Justice No Peace") culminating with "I Was Bored," debuting October 2020; animated by Jay Newz himself. He also launched a vlog series "In The Life Of Jay Newz" in September of 2019.


By April of 2020 he debuted his own show on Dash Radio called Not Rated Radio, interviewing rappers, influencers and models. Some of his premier interviews include Soulja Boy, Rosa Acosta and Dancing Dan. With the launch of his show came his signature clothing line Expensive Paradise, worn by Tory Lanez, Walter Jones, and Kennedy Moore.


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